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Tell me about Straw Bale Gardening

Straw bale gardening is as straightforward as it sounds –  gardening in a straw bale. The key to success is treating the bale to get it ready for planting. The bale will then produce the most lush, productive plants you can imagine.

The BaleGrow™ formula consists of a specially-formulated nitrogen and nutrient balance to stimulate the healthy bacteria already inside your bale, creating the perfect environment for your plants to grow, thrive and produce.

Straw bale gardening is for absolutely everyone. It is affordable, it requires no previous gardening experience and it takes up very little space.

In a nutshell, by treating your straw bale with the BaleGrow™ Treatment System, you are accelerating the breakdown of the bale, essentially turning the bale into ‘soil’.

Internally the bale is composting. Adding water and a balanced nitrogen source along with several trace elements needed for healthy plant growth, the bale will begin to decompose. The healthy bacteria inside the bale will begin to multiply and feed off the bale itself, braking down the straw and making the nutrients available to your plants.

During the conditioning process, you may notice the inside of your bale becomes quite warm. Over time, your bale will gradually become softer. Worms will make themselves a home inside the bale, also assisting in the growth of your plants.

Your bale will be productive over the next 12-18 months, then it will start to break down into an incredible compost, which you can use in other parts of your garden or in your pots.

This sustainable garden concept is suitable for everyone, anywhere. From young children to people struggling with mobility issues. There are many reasons to try straw bale gardening …here are just a few!

  • Great for beginners – No need to understand anything about soil or its condition.
  • Can be placed on any surface – Don’t be dictated by conventional garden beds or how much space you have. A straw bale garden can go anywhere: on the driveway, on the grass, in a raised bed, on the patio, even on the concrete.
  • Cost effective – The cheapest way ANYONE can grow ANYTHING.
  • Extend your growing area – When you need extra space in your garden, but do not need it all year around, growing in a straw bale is a really great way to do this when you can place it next to existing garden beds.
  • Raised off the ground – A bale sit’s over half a meter off the ground, a perfect height for your back.
  • Not permanent – A huge advantage for beginners, that are just starting their garden adventure. Also, great for rentals and gardeners that only want to grow throughout spring.

Straw bale gardening is a fun and easy way to grow, no matter how little or how much gardening experience you have. Try something new and start today!

Straw bale gardening couldn’t be easier! The preparation of your straw bales takes 15 days. During this time, you will apply the BaleGrow™ Conditioning Treatment , water your bales and apply the BaleGrow™ Finishing Treatment. You will end up with the perfect medium for growing lush, productive plants.

Every second day is a “rest day”, where you are not required to do a thing. On “active days”, you will need to spend less than 3 minutes preparing your bale.

Novice gardeners love BaleGrow™ for its simplicity and experienced gardeners love BaleGrow™ because of the amazing results.

All you need to get started is a place to fit a straw bale that is roughly 1 metre long and 50 centimetres high. A position that receives a minimum of 5-6 hours of sunlight a day is perfect.

You will also need easy access to water.

Once your bales have been prepared with the BaleGrow™ Treatment System you plant your seedlings or seeds directly into your bale. Soil free and weed free! This is a once-off treatment system.

This easy and affordable gardening option will save you time and will have your family eating fresh, home grown veggies all year round.
Email or call us for a chat if you would like to know more about BaleGrow’s™ straw bale garden treatment system.

You could be growing baby beetroots, capsicum, lettuce and many other vegetables that your family will enjoy eating and cooking. Growing all year round is not just for the green thumb. You can do it too! Straw bale gardening is an easy, time-saving, sustainable way to provide your family with home grown goodness.

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