About Our Company

Why choose BaleGrow’s Sustainability Program?

BaleGrow™  is dedicated to producing a program that is fast moving, fun, educational and most importantly can fit into the framework requirements for all centres. Our program has the ability to meet many intended outcomes for educators when considering what growing oppotunites they can provide the children with that are stimulating and also easy to maintain.

Our Program will provide the children with:

  • 3 straw bale gardens
  • Plant for every child (fully established and planted straw bale garden – Program 2 only)
  • Learning opportunities about recycling
  • Learning through story telling
  • A real connection with food production
  • Environmental awareness
  • Seed bag to take home

Our program will provide teachers with:

Resource kit

  • Care instructions for new straw bale garden
  • Plant food for 8 months
  • Seed packets for 4 terms of learning
  • 2 emails reminders per term to assist in using the kit provided
  • 1 pop in from myself within the first 6 months
Strawbale garden

It's affordable and sustainable

Adding a  straw bale garden to your kindergarten or child care centre is a wonderful alternative to conventional gardening. Unlike constructing raised veggie beds that are costly and difficult to maintain, straw bale gardening is raised off the ground, need very little upkeep and FULLY SUSTAINABLE. The bale will eventually break down into compost, teaching children the value of en-riching the earth and giving back to the environment.

There's no weeding

The idea of enhancing the learning opportunities for children, but not adding to the already full work load of educators was extremely important to me in the  design of this program. With the garden established, no ongoing weeding required and resources provided, the running of this program is easy in regard to time and cost.

It looks great

Straw bale gardens are flexible in their placement and best of all look amazing. With a minimum of 3 bales per facility (program 2)   Straw bale gardens are lush and vibrant and are a beautiful addition to any learning space.

Anyone can do it

The BaleGrow™ Program is suitable for all educational settings and service providers. It’s a great place to start for educators that wants to introduce the centre to food production and sustainable methods of growing. Straw bale gardens can be placed on any surface area within your center with a minimum 5 – 6 hours of sun exposure. It’s also a NEW and easy way to  add alternative growing methods to your centres learning program. This program can  work along side your already established growing areas. A new straw bale garden is a great addition to any learning space.

Meet Our Team

Tracey Sidwell

Tracey Sidwell

Founder / Owner

Creator of this sustainability program. A dedicated mother of 4, that has a passion for straw bale gardening and food education. Teaching children about healthy eating and the joy that can come from growing your own food has been instrumental in my journey creating this program. One word to describe Tracey: Fun



Valued all rounder

Hayley has been with us from the beginning. A valued member of our consulting and planning team. Hayley is hands on and ready to help out wherever and whenever needed. One word to describe Hayley: Priceless