About Our Company

The BaleGrow Story...

We stumbled across the concept of straw bale gardening some time ago, when my husband delivered some straw bales to a man growing potatoes out of the wheaten straw. I loved the idea and thought we would give it a go. With exactly NO gardening experience and very little time, I thought this could be the perfect way to start our own veggie garden at home.

My husband and I have four beautiful children and not a huge amount of space. We started off in the front garden with just a few bales, which grew in size as we all became hooked on growing and picking our own fresh produce. We now have an amazing veggie patch that the family loves.

This is where BaleGrow™ was born. I thought if I love this, others will too. With lots of experimenting, we have come up with a treatment system that produces the best results for your straw bale garden. And we have packaged it up in a super simple kit that we will deliver to your door. We will have you growing no time!

Why choose BaleGrow?

BaleGrow™ is dedicated to producing and supplying you with the only straw bale conditioning treatment on the market. We have created the most simple and effective treatment system for you to transform a regular straw bale into a lush and sustainable planting medium.

Preparing your straw bale garden with BaleGrow™ takes out the guess work and will have you growing in no time. Our happy customers agree with us!

It's affordable and sustainable

A BaleGrow™ straw bale garden is a wonderful alternative to conventional gardening. Unlike constructing raised veggie beds that need to be filled with soil, there is no manual labour required. And because the bale will eventually break down into compost, you won’t be stuck with a permanent structure in your yard.

There's no weeding

Have you been put off gardening in the past because you hate weeding? Well, we can change all that because BaleGrow™ gardens are WEED FREE! Yes, you may get some wheat grass growing through your bale but generally speaking, straw is completely free of weeds.

It looks great

Straw bale gardens are so flexible.  You can have as many bales as your space can hold, in almost any shape you like. Straw bale gardens are lush and vibrant and are a beautiful addition to any space. Many BaleGrow™ customers tell us what a talking point their straw bale garden is!

Anyone can do it

BaleGrow™ straw bale gardens are suited to all gardeners. It’s a great place to start for the beginner that wants to try their hand at growing their own veggies. Experienced gardeners love BaleGrow™ too. Not only can a straw bale garden solve tricky soil issues, it’s also an easy way to increase your growing space during the peak growing seasons.

Meet Our Team


Tracey Sidwell

Founder / Owner

A real garden innovator, who created the BaleGrow concept. Passionate about sharing her love for straw bale gardening with people of all ages and gardening capabilities. One word to describe Tracey: Fun



Co-owner / Logistics manager

The delivery guy. If you are having your BaleGrow™ delivered in and around Melbourne or posted interstate, David is the one to make it happen. One word to describe David: Organised



Valued all rounder

Hayley has been with us from the beginning. A valued member of our consulting and planning team. Hayley is hands on and ready to help out wherever and whenever needed. One word to describe Hayley: Priceless