Balegrow winner of the EEV Environment Education Awards

Kids Planting the strawbales Community Educator of the Year. Planting lettuce in a strawbale Educational Incursions Sustainability Program The Straw Bale Gardening

About the Sustainability Programs

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We would like to introduce BaleGrow’s sustainability programs as a resource support option in early childhood education.
Introducing straw bale gardening, worm farming and the Reduce, Reuse Recycle ethos, we can provide early childhood service providers with an engaging and educational experience for the children and educators. Centre’s can choose from programs, according to their budget and centre’s requirements.

We intend to assist educators by providing them with the tools, method and support to meet their intended outcomes. While delivering a creative, energetic and educational experience for the children that is ongoing once the incursion is complete.

The increasing workload for early childhood educators, sometimes makes it difficult to maintain annual flower gardens, veggie patches and worm farms. Some educators have expressed concerns about not having the experience to achieve the intended sustainability outcome successfully. Nor the time to gather new and engaging learning experienced for the children.

Our sustainability programs are designed to provide a complete and simple solution to assist staff on all the above areas.

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Balegrow is so excited to be the winner of the EEV Environment Education Awards – Community Educator of the Year.

Community Educator of the Year.

Happy Gardening!

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