To assist educators in Melbourne and surrounds, to implement a straw bale garden education program into their centre, that is:

Cost effective
Low maintenance
Meeting the framework requirements for sustainability and life cycle.

Please contact us for centres outside of Melbourne for more information.

Child with carrot

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Kids garden in a strawbale - Balegrow early learning program

BaleGrow™ Sustainable Education Garden Program

Introducing straw bale gardening, worm farming and the Reduce, Reuse Recycle ethos, we can provide early childhood service providers with an engaging and educational experience for the children and educators.

Our intention is to assist educators by providing them with the tools, method and support to meet their intended outcomes. While delivering a creative, energetic and educational experience for the children that is ongoing once the incursion is complete.

Our sustainability programs are designed to provide a complete and simple solution to assist educators with a successful outcome.

Select from one of the following education programs


Demonstration Only

Ideal for those that want to learn about sustainable growing methods. Interact with a real straw bale garden, but do not need a garden to meet your requirements.

*Only in conjunction with program 2 & 3

Program Details

A 45-minute interactive presentation about sustainable gardening methods. This will highlight the advantages of straw bale gardening and gardening in small spaces. We will also touch on environmental awareness, at a level that can be understood for the demographic presented to.

This will be a fast-moving presentation that we have the children involved in the story about the origin of wheat. This will then lead into a conversation linking the wheat to straw and the straw to the garden. A growing straw bale garden will be used as a presentation tool will be unveiled to the children.

Included in the session:

  • What straw is and where it comes from
  • Why its sustainable
  • How to grow things without soil
  • Why we should grow our own food
  • Keeping us healthy
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Why worms
  • Don’t be a wally with water

Instant Garden

Ideal tool for learning about sustainable growing. Build an instant straw bale garden as part of the experience that you can keep and enjoy over the next 6-8 months

Program Details

An interactive 1.5-hour incursion including mat time and planting out 3 pre-prepared BaleGrow gardens.

The first 30 minutes will be full of props such as different methods of sustainable gardening and the unveiling of a well-established straw bale garden. Children will be touching wheat grain, loose and still on the stem.

The next 40 minutes’ will be outside. The first 10 minutes will be with the whole group chatting about what plants we are planting and benefits of growing our own food. Groups will be then split into 5-6 children to plant in their new straw bale garden.

The last 20 minutes will be gathering children back on the mat, re-capping what we have achieved and what the group is going to have to do to help look after the garden. What the garden may produce over the year and why should we eat healthy food.

Included in this session:

  •  Straw bale garden
  •  Seedlings for every child to plant
  •  Take home gift for every child
  •  Resource kit for educators to maintain the garden
  •  Many new and engaging learning experences

Program based on 25 children

Kids learning about recycling - Balegrow early learning program
Kids planting seedlings - Balegrow early learning program
Kids learning about recycling - Balegrow early learning program
Kids learning about wheat - Balegrow early learning program
Kids garden in a strawbale - Balegrow early learning program