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Growing lettuce in your strawbale

Why choose straw bale gardening?

There really is no sweeter tomato than the one you have grown yourself. No fresher lettuce than the leaves you’ve just picked for lunch. No juicier cucumber than the ones growing in your own garden.

I’d dreamed of growing my own vegetables and herbs for some time but there were too many obstacles in the way and it wasn’t until I discovered straw bale gardening that my dream took off. You see, straw bale gardening overcomes so many difficulties you may have experienced with traditional gardening methods. Let’s have a look at some of my favourite reasons to grow in a straw bale.
You can grow veggies on your balcony! Or driveway, or courtyard, or even rooftop. As long as your bales get around 6 hours of sunlight a day and have easy access to water, your bales can be placed in just about any location.
It’s a simple way to increase your growing capacity during the busy growing months. I tend to grow less in winter than I do in spring. I can easily condition a few extra bales when I need additional growing space for my favourite veggies.
Difficult soil conditions? No problem for straw bale gardening! One of the biggest obstacles to starting my own vegetable garden was the condition of the soil at my house. Compacted clay with dreadful drainage, the work needed to make the soil arable was overwhelming. My solution = pop some straw bales on top of my rock hard earth and get planting.
It’s perfect for those with mobility issues. I have many customers who have taken up straw bale gardening because they are no longer able to cope with the physical demands of traditional gardening. With straw bale gardening, there is no digging required and much less bending involved. And bales can easily be situated to make them accessible by wheelchair.
Of course there are many other reasons to give straw bale gardening a try:

  • Straw is weed and disease free
  • Straw bales are sustainable and will eventually decompose into lush compost
  • Straw is affordable and can easily be prepared for planting using the BaleGrow conditioning treatment

So what are you waiting for?