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Growing Flowers

Treating It Right…


The success of your Straw Bale Garden is dependent on the conditioning process. If the treatment system used is not the right balance of nitrogen, then the bale will not breakdown correctly and will not feed your plants. This is the key. Creating the perfect environment to care and feed your new garden.


You start the process by:
•    Purchasing your bales
•    Adding a balanced nitrogen source
•    Water in well
This process is quick and simple. You will be planting in 2 short weeks. Each day takes about 3 minutes for 3 bales.

What happens next?
•    The bales start to decompose
•    Begins to release the nutrient for growth
•    Plant out
•    The worms come
•    Plants thrive
Getting the balance right starts with the nitrogen source. BaleGrow uses several different components to create a well balanced, organic based formula to begin this process.

Not getting it right:
•    Takes a lot longer to condition
•    Will not grow
•    Your bale may decompose to quick or not quick enough
•    It will not feed your plants
•    Plants will die
•    Plants may grow but will not fruit

When thinking about preparing your Straw Bale Garden you have to consider what bales to use, and the nitrogen source you are going to apply. This is particularly important if you’re using your bales for growing food for yourself or family. Try to keep your garden as free from harmful chemicals as possible. Straw Bale Gardening as a great way to get into gardening or something new and exciting to try. So have fun!!