“First time around I used all seedlings, I purchased from Bunnings. This time I started my seeds in an egg carton with seed growing mix, which was highly  successful. I now have some Corn, Giant Fordham Silverbeet, Banana Capsicum, Apple Cucumbers, Iceberg Lettuce and more Tomatoes planted. This is my second planting, in the original garden. The bales are still holding up well in this climate. My first garden was so successful and the tomatoes so tasty, to the point of making my mouth water while slicing them, I am expanding on perfection. I have the garden in the middle of my front yard and it’s made lots of passers by stop and talk to me about it. I had so much from my first garden that I even gave a lot of produce away. I already have tomatoes and cucumbers on and it’s only 3 weeks since I planted, so it will be brilliant for Xmas when tomatoes and salad veg skyrocket in price. I have found with this system that I’m also able to plant my crops closer to each other than the usual distance. Thought you’d like a couple of photos from my first planting. I had no diseases or pests on my first crop. I only watered early morning, preventing any black spot or mildew on my tomatoes. This is an amazing product and so easy to use.”