“I am an avid veggie grower, and until now have every season been lugging around soil, compost, tubs etc and starting to find it hard work.   As a result I started researching a sustainable option and this is when after a couple of google searches came up with the BaleGrow site.    At the end of summer I purchased 2 bales as a trail to see if  it was as easy as it looked and whether it would be as productive as my current methods.
I placed my order on line, the bales were delivered along with the easy to follow preparation book and the conditioning kit –  16 days later I was planting out my first crop.   Simple as that.
I am really pleased with the outcome , since April I have done 2 harvests of winter veg – broccoli,  mini Chinese cabbage, spinach and herbs in the 2 bales, 3rd crop in now.
I am a convert – bale gardening is cost effective, sustainable – no waste, I can use the bale until it completely breaks down.   Highly recommend BaleGrow,  great customer service and a real passion for bale gardening.”